TJ Ford: the little engine that could

T.J Ford wasn’t so crazy about holding Raptors training camp in the likes of Rome and Madrid. He is a down-south Texas boy who I believe said something to the tune of “I don’t ever have to leave Texas. I got everything I need right here”. That is not a direct quote but a paraphrase. OK. Fair enough. Everybody is allowed their own opinion. Personally, I don’t care if T.J wants to visit every country in the world or if he is happy going to the same greasy spoon down the road for the rest of his life. I care about TJ Ford on the basketball court.

He is not in the same “all about stats, chucking up uncalled for jumpers” category as say, Steve Francis. But there were many moments on the court last year where he made a poor decision. And poor decisions lead to turnovers. And if you have enough turnovers, you are likely to lose the contest. Sometimes, TJ used his speed as a detriment rather than a asset. You could often see him going TOO fast and losing control of the ball or himself.

But this year, I believe TJ will have his finest season yet. Word around Raptors preseason camp is that he has been all ears to many of the assistant coaches as well as the wise sage that is Darrick Martin (also a PG). TJ has been actively trying to improve himself not just skill wise, but mentally as well. He wants to become a better team leader, a better decision-maker, and overall, a better person. These are all good signs. Because anyone who watches this team knows that TJ’s potential is without limit. Many believe that he is THE fastest player in the league. While this may be true, he has to learn when to turn it on and when to keep it in a lower gear. If he can do this (and with Calderon backing him up), Toronto has a great shot at not only making the playoffs but winning a round or two.

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  1. james martin windsor


    not really, but good to see you writing. too bad basketball hasnt been cool since the 70s.

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