Training it to Bourg St. Maurice

As I am writing this, I am on a train headed to Bourg St. Maurice. BSM is a small village in the French Alps, which seems (from a map) like a few steps from Switzerland. Having taken three different trains today, I have noticed the change outside. The temperature has dropped, there is more wind, and there is definitely more mountains. Right now, they’re big enough but I feel that as we travel more east, they’ll only get bigger. There is some beautiful scenery out here I look forward to the crisp clean mountain air.

The trains are very strange indeed in France. From the map, it seems like a direct route would have taken about 4 hours. Three trains and 8 hours later, I will arrive. The train started out heading west (the opposite direction). A couple of hours in, it actually stopped at a station, let people off, and then started again in the opposite direction (i.e. turning around). And the trains here ain’t cheap either. I paid 80 euros (about 120 dollars) to get to BSM from Nice and then a 35 euro cab ride after that to the hotel. Sheeeit! I don’t know. It seems to me like there is both a cheaper and quicker way to get here. Whats done is done though. Here’s a map and the route I took:

Traveling with lots of luggage is horrible. I had one huge suitcase, a smaller one, a backpack, a computer bag, and a big bag of groceries. It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have to change trains twice. Also, it might not be so bad if the second transfer gave me more than 5 minutes to find the next train. The first gave me about 20. My brilliant idea is to sling the smaller suitcase over the big one. This works out until inevitably it loses grip, falls down, and hangs. If there were ever moments where I want to swear really loudly, this one is at the top of that list.

The Raptors won last night. I believe they play again tomorrow against NJ. That should be a great game filled with passionate play and rivalry inducing hustle. The sad part is is that I wont be able to watch it.

Bargnani just might average 20 ppg this season. Especially if Bosh continues to be hampered by his injury. This will open up not only more playing time for the big soph, but more end of game, contest on the line moments. As they say, he does seem to have ice in his veins. Nothing seems to phase him. Hard to ask for a better personality for a clutch shooter than that.

As you can tell, I miss the Raps and therefore will write about them to ease the pain. Or maybe that will make it worse. Not really sure. Screw it.


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One response to “Training it to Bourg St. Maurice

  1. duncan

    if you want to see games…
    you probably have to watch em live
    bargnani is sucking lately…as is bosh
    moon for mvp

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