Bored at work

I am sure that many of you have run into this problem before. After all, many many jobs require of you a lot of um sitting around? Looking pretty? Helping people every once in awhile? Well, for me, this “once in a while” has turned into little to nothing today. Oops, just got a phone call. That alleviated my boredom for approximately 28 seconds.
But seriously, my jobs not bad. I get to practice my french all the time which is really helpful. If I was vacuuming or cleaning toilets, my french skills would remain pretty stagnant. And I also look pretty damn flashy in my suit!
Anyway, not sure if anyone reads this (haha) but a big hug to everyone out there! Spread the love! YES WE CAN! Haha. I’m a fan of Obama.
A plus!


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