Not quite the "Malice at the Palace" but still noteworthy

I managed to see this incident in real time last night.

First of all, I’d like to congratulate Ron Artest for NOT punching a fan, player, coach, or mascot in the face.  Way to keep things under control Ronny.  See below for Artest at his lowest (and most crazy).  No suspensions or fines have been announced yet, but I envision maybe a game apiece for Barnes and Alston.  Check out my main man Steve Nash get shoved hard to the floor by TMac (best angle is at the 1:56 mark), followed by Shaq tossing TMac to the floor, and then somehow managing to shove the entire fracas a few feet.  He’s big huh? 
Some quotes:
Shaq: “Somebody pushed Steve so I had to take care of my little man.  It wasn’t nothing serious, though, just a push and shoving match.” (Gotta love it)

TMac: “The big fella pushed the heck out of me.”  (Heck?! Did he really just say that?) 
Anyway, this was the main event in a game where the end result from the 2nd half on was never really in question.  It did pique my interest though.  
Question for all you readers:  What is your most memorable sporting memory, controversial or otherwise?
Off to work on a dreary and rainy day in Montreal.  Low energy today, but those salads aren’t going to make themselves.  Be back soon.


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