Palin: Why is she still in the news?

Will she ever get a break? Even two weeks after her harmful participation in the election, she is still in the news. Sure, a post-mortem or two on her embarrassing role in the McCain campaign is justified but apart from that, there’s not much reason to continue dissecting the Alaska governor, unless its to announce her newest foray into the American talk show scene. Now wouldn’t that be a more fitting spot for her, given her obvious intellectual deficiencies coupled with her irrefutable “charm”?

Are they trying to promote her intelligence?

Now I know that it may seem hypocritical to say we should stop talking about her whilst doing just that, but I had to share this great piece from the New York Times. And it definitely seems like Palin herself does want to slowly fade away from the US consciousness, given her recent media blitz, from Larry King to Wolf Blitzer. She wanted to, justifiably, defend herself from some McCain advisors who ramped up attacks on everything from her thinking that Africa is (shudder) a country to her not knowing who is part of NAFTA. Both are inexcusable, and she has a right to explain herself.

However beloved she is in the eyes of many Americans (mostly loonies), it is clear that she does not have the vision, intellect, and experience needed to be anything more than what she is right now. She is rife with charm, looks, and personality but if she decides to run for the highest office in 2012 (something many believe will happen), here’s hoping that Obama runs the floor with her. And then finally, we can stop talking about this relative unknown. That is, unless she takes over for Letterman or Leno. I must admit that if this were to happen, I might sneak a peak.

As a partial aside, it is clear that her and Obama both represent the American Dream and the concept that anyone can become President. But at the same time, I find it interesting that while one represents intellect and temperateness, the other just scares you. I guess the lesson is that while anyone can become President, not everyone should.


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