An "Old" Man Among Boys.

You know when you see a headline that is so unfathomable that you can’t really decide whether it is fact or just taken from “The Onion” website? Well, today I saw this headline:

73 Year-Old Gives Basketball Another Shot.
Now, upon reading this, you might think that its just some geezer who started shooting some hoops down at the local YMCA because some extra free time had befallen him. But no. This 73 year-old senior citizen, Ken Mink, is a member of the Roane State Community College Basketball team. 52 years back, he attended the school as a freshman and played for the basketball team. The reasons are hazy, but he was forced to leave after one year. So now, Ken Mink is finally making his comeback and is expected to go # 1 in next year’s NBA draft. That last part isn’t true but I assure you that the rest is.
Check out this interview.
Highlights include:
  • Ken admitting that he doesn’t have an iPod after receiving the requisite question, “What is on your iPod?”
  • Commenting on todays fashion trends as compared to his freshman days more than half a century ago
  • Nicknames bestowed on him by his teammates (who, by the way, have an average age of 19)
  • His coach talking about how Ken brings “experience” to the team
Anyway, this is obviously strange, surreal, and even possibly an underhanded attempt to get the media’s attention. I can’t imagine him getting any significant playing time down the stretch. When you watch the video, check out Ken participating in the running drills with his young, virile teammates. I think he has man boobs! I mean, I could even score on this guy!
Anyway, a fun and interesting story. And if his and his team’s goal was media attention, well, they got it alright. How about top story on the New York Times website. Here’s the link.


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2 responses to “An "Old" Man Among Boys.

  1. Andrew Palmer

    I read a report from McMaster University Hospital about a 76 year old who’s muscles had the same molecular structure as 18 year olds. here is a similar article:

    I thought your article was well written, and the part about him getting into the NBA was funny

  2. James

    thanks buddy. that article sounds pretty weird. ill check it out. i highly doubt (judging from the practice sessions) that this guys muscles are anything near an 18 year olds but interesting that its possible.

    whats this about a tv show?

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