The Official "Videos That Travel Around the World Post"

I know how long you guys have been waiting for this official “Videos That Travel Around the World Post”, henceforth known as the OVTTATWP. Well, the time has come.

Warning: you will see other posts that claim OVTTATWP status but be weary. These are all fakes. You’ve arrived at the realness.

Today, I have two. The first is of a guy named Matt who dances his way around the world. And the second is a version of the classic “Stand by Me” played by street musicians from around the world. If you’re ever in low spirits, these videos are guaranteed to tug at your little heartstrings and cheer you right back up.

If anyone knows of others (and I’m sure they exist), feel free to post links.

So without further ado:

Note: a far better version of this video can be found here.


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