Jon Stewart pulls no punches!

So I am a huge fan of Stewart and Colbert. And so should all of you. I remember a recent Rolling Stone cover with the two of them on the cover displaying “The two most trusted names in news”. While they are, for the most part, comedians, there is no doubt that the two possess keen political intellects and have a powerful influence on the political views of America’s youth. Stewart always ends his shows with a guest, who is oftentimes on the other side of the political spectrum. He is always respectful and polite in these “debates”, and also always seems to wipe the floor with his opponent. And with Colbert, you can just tell that he understands right-wingers because if not, he wouldn’t be able to impersonate one so convincingly.

Anyway, perhaps more on them later but I wanted to post Jon Stewart’s take on the Canadian crisis. Pure gold!

If you have not yet seen it, please click here!


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