Wow. Good for this guy!

So I’m sure that this has already traveled substantially across cyberspace but I wanted to post it anyway. The reason for this is because it’s awesome!

A man responsible for the death of so many innocent Iraqis as well as US soldiers finally gets a taste (albeit not even close to proportional) of his own medicine. I wouldn’t imagine this happening if the president was not so close to his exit day (and will therefore start to minimize his official state visits), but it just shows the intense ire that is felt towards Bush, who has turned Iraq upside down and has spiraled it into a seemingly never-ending civil war.

Seriously, how many of you would love to do this? I bet if they held a worldwide contest with ten open spots to launch a couple shoes at the outgoing president, more than half the world would enter! By the way, apparently throwing shoes at someone is a long held Iraqi custom that is used to display disdain and rage. It is interesting to note that many anti-Saddam Iraqis flung their shoes at the Saddam statue once it came down back in 2003. Apparently, they don’t much like the new guy either.

Wikipedia says:

The shoe represents the lowest part of the body (the foot) and displaying or throwing a shoe at someone or something in Arab cultures denotes that the person or thing is “beneath them.” Showing the bottom of one’s feet or shoes (for example, putting one’s feet up on a table or desk) in Arab cultures is considered an extreme insult. Examples include Iraqi citizens smacking torn-down posters of Saddam Hussein with their shoes, and the depiction of President of the United States George H. W. Bush on a tile mosaic of the floor of the Al-Rashid Hotel‘s lobby, forcing all visitors entering the hotel to walk on Bush’s face to enter the hotel.

Call me cold. Call me out for wanting to kick somebody when he is as down as down can get but the last thing I felt while watching this was sympathy. It was more like “OK, that makes sense.”

Question for all you faithful readers (i.e. me and who knows who else): If you could throw anything at Bush, what would it be and why?


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