Personal Trainer Cooking, for Nintendo DS.

OK, so we all know that the Nintendo company has done a fabulous job of keeping themselves relevant by releasing some of the most unique and innovative products over the last few years. I mean, after Mario and Donkey Kong, did you ever expect them to release a fitness and weight loss video game? A stop smoking game? Learn French or Spanish games? I don’t think I could have predicted that.

They have managed to make a huge comeback against the Playstation and XBox folks by releasing games with themes one would never have expected to show up in a video game and which appeal to all age groups, from toddler to grandma. The Wii was more interactive than the other systems. It appealed to adults as well as children. And the DS built upon the Palm Pilot craze with its touch screen and stylus.

Anyway, I have a DS but not a Wii and I recently picked up Personal Trainer: Cooking. This is a perfect example of the type of game that has helped Nintendo reclaim its status as one of the big players in the video game world. Appealing to all age groups, interactive, and finally, educational so you know the parents will approve. It is also important, because I believe that everybody should at least know the basics on how to cook. I have been working in a kitchen for the past couple of months and have really developed a high appreciation for the culinary arts. I am far from an expert chef but there is no doubt that I have learned at least one new thing every day at my work and am getting better.

So the game has over 400 recipes from countries all over the world. For each recipe, there is a guiding voice to talk you through each step. You can look at the list of ingredients needed and check off which ones you need; essentially creating a virtual grocery list. There are numerous short videos that explain everything from dicing an onion to rolling sushi. And you can search by ingredient, country, time needed, and even calorie intake.

I have yet to actually make one of the dishes from the game but I will be soon. Keep you posted.


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