Tom Cruise in “Tropic Thunder”.

Robert Downey Jr. plays a black man in Tropic Thunder

This is history in the making: my first post which focuses on none other than Tom Cruise.  The reason I was tempted to write about Mr. Cruise was because after watching Tropic Thunder which includes so many gifted actors putting in extremely funny performances, Tom Cruise clearly “stole the thunder”.  Bad pun?

Anyway, Robert Downey Jr.’s hilarious portrayal of a black man was good enough to net him an Oscar nomination, and a very decent chance of bringing it home.  Ben Stiller, despite playing a character who exhibited many similar character traits to Derek Zoolander, does a solid job.  Jack Black kind of falls flat, but that’s another story.

To put it briefly, this is a very solid movie but the most memorable scenes (with a very honorable mention going out to Mr. Downey) were those involving Tom Cruise.  I think part of the reason was that we have not come to expect Tom Cruise in such a silly, “slapsticky”, and exagerated role.  Apparently, Ben Stiller (the main brains behind the movie) managed to persuade him to take himself less seriously and just have some fun.  I was torn between embedding this scene or the one at the end when the credits are rolling, which is equally funny.  Here is a taste:

And just to throw some props to Robert Downey Jr., check out this video.  “Never go full retard”.  Hahaha.

Wow, a whole post about Tom Cruise and not one mention of scientology.  Go figure.



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2 responses to “Tom Cruise in “Tropic Thunder”.

  1. Shawn Carroll

    I was surprised to see Cruise do such a fantastic job in this movie too.

    • jamesmccallum

      ya totally! its weird cause you don’t even fully realize it’s him until he speaks. i love the track selections too.
      saw your pics duder! looks beautiful. you guys in dawson?

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