Amazing Radiohead Video!

So as I’ve said in this space before, I am a huge Radiohead fan.  Because I like so much music, it is difficult to single one band/singer out as my hands-down favourite.  But without much hesitation (and with apologies to many amazing acts out there), I’m giving it to the lads from Abingdon, Oxfordshire.  I feel that one of the main reasons for this is that Radiohead, in many ways, refused to play the game.  Their lyrics from the get-go were always anti-establishment and have continued as such throughout their discography.  But, as countless bands cannot attest to, Radiohead have continued to walk the walk.  The most recent example would have to be the free release of their newest album (which is the one featured in this video) online.  Realizing that CD prices were rising every day, Radiohead chose a mode of distribution that did not favour the rich and allowed everyone to experience their art.  Aside from Radiohead sticking to their roots, the same can’t be said for their music, which has constantly evolved over the years, with high quality remaining the only constant.

Anyway, enough from me.  Enjoy this intimate and high quality video of Radiohead in the studio playing In Rainbows, their newest album.


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