Reactions to yesterday’s PGA Championship

After the intense drama of golf’s final major, I can’t not throw a few comments and reactions out there.

  • This was history in the making.  Tiger was undefeated in major championships when sharing or owning the lead entering the final day.  Thanks to South Korean Y.E Yang and his unprecedented, mind-boggling, and totally “Bizarro world” day yesterday, Tiger is now 14-1.
Y.E. Yang, PGA Championship

The moment of victory

  • Somebody finally took down the king.  Nobody saw this coming and I bet we’ll get a lot of players (the Mickelsons, Sergios, and Els’ of this world) scratching their heads wondering how the 110th ranked Yang managed to do something that all of them have repeatedly tried (and failed) to do.
  • On the flipside, a lot of Tiger’s supposed challengers may gain some confidence after this week after having seen Tiger at his most human.  We have become so used to him pulling off the necessary shots down the stretch to win majors.  But yesterday, he played poorly.  It normally seems like he wills the ball into the hole through pure desire and focus.  But yesterday, his aura of invincibility took a big hit.
Tiger Woods, PGA Championship

Stevie: "Maybe my client isn't a golfing robot."

  • Yang becomes the first Asian-born player to win a major.  South Korea is probably still celebrating this victory.  I guess nobody should be surprised seeing as how Koreans routinely pick up wins on the LPGA.  It was just a matter of time for the guys.
  • For some more perspective, Tiger’s playing partners in the final rounds of majors have averaged about four strokes higher than him, wilting in the great presence that is Tiger.  Yesterday, Y.E beat him soundly by five shots, smiling the whole way.
  • Yang’s chip-in for eagle at the 14th was the shot of the day and the moment where people thought that he may actually pull this off.
  • It bothered me that many of the CBS commentators were giving Tiger the tournament after Thursday.  After each of the first three days, they made many comments suggesting that he would without a doubt be hoisting the trophy come Sunday afternoon.  I hope that they have all learned their lesson.
  • Padraig Harrington’s big numbers at inopportune times have cost him these past two weeks.  Up by one against Tiger last week with three to go, his triple bogey on the 16th did him in.  This week, very much in contention, he carded a QUINTUPLE bogey on the 8th to again fall out of it.
Padraig Harrington, PGA Championship

Just a little pissed?

  • The commentators constantly brought up what Yang’s win will do for golf in Asia.  And not once did they mention that Tiger is half-Thai on his mother’s side.  Yang winning is huge, but Tiger should be credited with popularizing the game in Asia as well.  And just in general, I find it weird that Tiger’s half-Asianness is never, ever brought up.
  • And speaking of Koreans, the leader of the Northern version apparently is quite the golfer.  I propose 18 holes between Yang and Kim for the outright control of the Koreas.  As long as they don’t play in Jong-Ill’s warped imagination, Yang should be able to pull off a victory.  I’ll leave you with an excerpt of Jong-Ill’s supposed prowess on the golf course:

Pyongyang media say Kim enjoys golf, having shot multiple holes-in-one during his first try at the game.  He reportedly aced five holes and finished 38 under par on the golf course. The “Dear Leader” routinely shoots three or four holes-in-one per round, the government-controlled media reported.


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