Digg, Reddit et al.

I first heard of Digg and Reddit about ten years ago.  Two friends of mine who have a predilection towards all things nerd and who co-launched the now-defunct cherrypeel.com were talking shop about the pros and cons of Digg and Reddit.  Reddit is too tech-focused.  Digg is too full of left-wingers.  Redditors (those who post and comment on Reddit) are losers with too much time on their hands while Diggers (need I explain?) suffer from the same problem.   Don’t quote me on this because as I said, it was a decade ago.

At the time, I waited for the conversation to turn, half figuring that I wasn’t geeky enough to contribute and the other half not giving a shit.  So a few years later, I remembered the conversation and googled Digg.  It (and Reddit to a lesser extent) have been permanent staples on my day to day web surfing rituals ever since.

Why I like Digg

  • You know when you’re looking for a quirky story or video to provide some entertainment to break up your day? Well, I do.  Instead of typing “kittens” into the YouTube search engine or visit the Republican party website (burn!), Digg can provide an interesting list of links to weird stories or WTF videos.
  • If weird isn’t up your alley, then Digg also provides what I would call “important” links.  These are the big stories of the day.  Although geekdom and strange stories abound, Digg will include the big news.
  • It’s democratic.  The same goes for other social news websites as items get voted up by users.  So instead of editors and layout people deciding the top stories, it’s the users.  Grassroots power to the people!

Reddit is a site that I will visit only occasionally.  Unlike Digg, Reddit seems too preachy.  You get the idea that the same people who write university newspapers are those who run Reddit.  I mean, I have my values and beliefs but I don’t need to scream them out for all to hear.  Reddit does.  In terms of content, Reddit focuses too much on technology for my tastes.  All that being said, Reddit has it’s moments but Digg has it beat.  And the site is prettier so that’s a plus.

You want examples?  You got ’em.

Reddit being too preachy

British Columnist : “We not only have a right to use torture, we have a duty.” The arrogant bastard goes on to suggest and justify torturing the “wife and children”.

Reddit being too techy (sp?)

Twitter / OpenSource: A list of all open source projects that power Twitter and what they’re used for

Would never have found this without Digg

20 Ads from the Golden Age of Skateboarding

Or this

Canadian Hockey Team disses America in Rap (video)

So people, the bottom line is the proliferation of sites like this is a good thing for Internet news.  In such a vast landscape such as the Internet where it’s easy to get lost or not know where to start, these sites come in handy.  Try out Digg.  Put it in your list of bookmarks.  I guarantee you’ll come across at least one link a day that will make it worth your while.


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    Digg killed Netsurfer Digest, alas.

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