Curling: showing and telling

Curling is in!  The next hot thing!  It’s all the kids are talking about these days!

Curling stone

OK, I’m not sure if this is true and it’s definitely embellished but that’s the reason why I pitched curling as my multimedia story for my online class.  I am far from an expert on curling but I was surprised at the amount of curling stories in the US media during the Olympics.  The New York Times had a story with the headline, “Wall Street, a romance with curling.”  Apparently all the suits in NYC decompressed after a long day at the NYSE by watching a few rounds of curling.  Somehow, as NYT alluded to, the slowness of curling had a calming effect on these stressed guys and gals.  Sports Illustrated called it the “best party” at the Games.  And the Simpsons aired an episode in mid-February entirely devoted to curling.  So that’s something I guess.

Simpsons did it! Simpsons did it!

The aspect of my presentation that I am most stoked for is the audio slideshow.  I have long been a fan of this medium.  It is a perfect marriage between radio, photojournalism, and TV.  The viewer isn’t lulled to sleep by a big block of text.  (As an aside, check out this Onion article tackling just this)  And it allows the creator to go into much more detail than he would be able to with a TV piece.  I also like the natural sound aspect of audio slideshows.  I think that any audio slideshow worth its weight in gold needs to include natural sound to further place the viewer in the story.

My general plan for the slideshow is to make it educational.  Despite all of the press that curling has received, it remains a mystery to many.  Many Canadians are not familiar with the rules and the terminology, which is often wacky as this Toronto Star piece points out.  So I want to visit a local curling club here in Montreal to take pictures.  I want to get close up shots of the different equipment needed to play this game.  I want to get action shots of curlers curling.  And I also want some shots that display curling culture.  If stereotypes hold true, this will likely include alcohol.  Once I select the photos, I want to lay an audio track over them with explanatory nuggets as well as natural sound.

With Soundslides Plus downloaded in a matter of seconds, I am ready to roll.  And since I will be on the job, I will decline any beer offers no matter how tempted I may be.


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  1. Webs

    As the semester slides to ward its end, I have only two words for you: “Hurry! Hurry!”

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