Kobe or Lebron?

So we’ve been down to eight teams for a little while now in the NBA playoffs and I thought it high time we do some analysis around here.  In a somewhat lacklustre first round (one game 7!?), here’s hoping that the second round will offer up its fair share of drama.  This is, after all, where “amazing happens,” right?  Speaking of amazing, those NBA ads where players’ and coaches’ comments are spliced together to form a freestyle rap of sorts are not.  In fact, they bother me.  A lot.  I’ll take Kanye over that any day.

Predictions are fun, right?

  • Los Suns (uh, I mean Phoenix) will meet a more focused and effective Spurs squad once back in Texas.  The Spurs have too much playoff experience and too much veteran savvy to lose Friday’s game 3.  The crowd will be nuts and the “mini-dynasty” have been around long enough to realize that game 3 is as close to a must-win as you can get.  Pop and the gang will get the win.  Maybe even easily.
  • Speaking of Pop, he might be one of the most entertaining quotes out there.  After game 2, a journalist asked him if they’ll try and win game 3.  Seriously.  His reaction? A look of disgust followed by a blank stare followed by “C’mon guys!  Work on your questions!”  Now it was a stupid question maybe from an unseasoned journalist but most guys would let it slide and answer the question sans sass.  Not Pop.  Turns out he’s got a sense of humour too:
  • For many of the same reasons, I think the Jazz win game 3 in Utah.  The crowd will be in a frenzy as they always are.  They have a great coach in the 105-year-old Jerry Sloan.  I mean, doesn’t he look like a grumpy grandfather on the bench?  Dare I say senile?  Williams can’t shoot the ball much worse than he did in Game 2 and the versatile Russian should be back, which can’t hurt I guess.  Oh and for the record, Sloan is 68 years old and has one of the sharpest minds in the game today.  Far from senile.
  • Kobe’s got that look, doesn’t he?  I’m thinking back to game 5 of the Lakers-Thunder series.  If you recall, the Lakers dominated the game like they were playing a bunch of D-leaguers.  Anyway, the game was a snore but what I do remember is that whenever they showed Kobe, he had a look that can only be described as an angry scowl.  He wanted to beat them by 100.  He wanted to dunk on the entire Thunder starting lineup.  He was pissed that him and his team got embarrassed in game 4.  I mean, your team is up 40 or whatever it was.  Not even a little smile, Kobe?  Much like Tiger Woods at a major (uh, I mean the old Tiger before he went all Zen on us and started giving away his video game for free online), Kobe has the focus of a laser when he’s in the heat of battle.
  • Last second shot of a close game.  Who takes the shot?  I take Kobe over Lebron in a second.
  • Speaking of Lebron, the Celtics may make this a series.  That being said, I’ll say Cavs win it in 6.  Sort of goes without saying but if Lebron has elbow issues, all bets are off.  Maybe the Parker-Moon ex-Raptor duo can pick up the slack.  Ha.  That’ll be the day.

We’ll be back again soon with more bold predictions and overall impressions.


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