Ruminating on the end of Entourage

In a way, Entourage came full circle by the end of it all.

For a series that began with movie star Vince Chase moving to Hollywood with his three freeloading friends from Queens, NYC, the ending was decidedly logical.

While Vince moved to L.A. to work, his friends just came along for the ride. And what a ride it was.

The boys sitting courtside at a Lakers game.

For eight fun seasons, Eric, Turtle and Drama rode Vince’s coattails to the tune of matching Maseratis, exclusive Hollywood shindigs, countless girls who were way out of their league, exorbitant meals, free accommodation in sprawling Hollywood mansions and yes, career opportunities. So it made sense that the series wrap up with Vince helping out his buddies one last time.

In the series finale, he finally succeeds (thanks to $100,000) in getting his older brother and struggling actor Drama a lead role in a movie. He makes Turtle (the slacker of all slackers) a millionaire by buying back his stock in Avion, the tequila company he helped launch. And he makes an impassioned speech to E’s fiancee Sloan, convincing her to give his best friend one more chance.

The entire premise of the show revolved around a successful Vince and his three leaching friends. And, with the possible exception of E (who found his way more than the others), it ended that way too.

This is all well and good but what didn’t feel quite right is that it ended the way romantic comedies tend to end. You know the template: Boy meets girl, things go well, they hit a snag, there’s a montage showing them doing their own things, they overcome their differences, refall in love and live happily ever after.

With the exception of Turtle and Drama (who no one expected to find true love anyway), all the leading men’s storylines followed this path to the tee. Vince gets married to his so-called “true love.” E and Sloan get back together. And Vince’s ambitious agent Ari reconciles with his wife who we knew only as Mrs. Ari until the final episode. Bombshell: Her name is Melissa.

Out of all the reconciled relationships, this one felt the most rushed.

Not quite what I expected. For me, the beauty of the show was that it was fun, that it didn’t take itself too seriously. These guys were never supposed to settle down. They were destined to live life in the fast lane.

Fans enjoyed watching them drive fast cars, hook up with girls, go to VIP parties with celebrities at every turn and take private jets across the world when they felt like it. We enjoyed tuning in and living vicariously through them for 22 minutes a week, then getting back to our own less exciting lives.

Yes, they made mistakes and hit snags along the way. But the one thing they could count on at the end of the day was each other. We weren’t so much interested in their emotional depth as their lack thereof. But one thing we always knew to be true was their love and trust in each other. Girls came and went but the boys stuck together.

I always thought this show had some great walking scenes.

Before the final episode aired, I might’ve guessed that Ari would work things out with his wife. And maybe E with Sloan. I didn’t see how they could reconcile THREE relationships in 22 minutes. But in a tying-up-the-loose-ends-free-for-all, they managed to do it. Ah well. There’s always the rumoured movie for these relationships to break down once again, reuniting the boys and bringing the show back to what made it so great in the first place.

Speaking of the movie, in case you missed it, there’s an Ari scene at the end of the credits of the last episode. He’s sipping wine with his wife on a sun-bathed terrace on the coast of what looks like the Mediterranean Sea when he gets a call offering him Chairman and CEO of the studio. If that doesn’t blatantly set up an Entourage movie, I don’t know what does.

By the way, with honourable mentions to Tony Soprano, Larry David, Jimmy McNulty and Nate Fisher, I would have to go with Ari Gold as my favourite HBO TV character of all time. Check out this video and see why:


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