The Aussie vs. The Street Fighter

In what could be my favourite sporting event of the year, the Masters once again did not disappoint.

On Sunday night, with the rain coming down and the sun about to disappear, two golfers who couldn’t be more different from each other if they tried went toe-to-toe in a sudden-death playoff for the Masters.

First up: Adam Scott of Adelaide, Australia.

It’s hard to pinpoint why so many people dislike Scott. Maybe it’s the sunglasses projecting a cold and unfriendly air, similar to David Duval in the late 90s. Maybe it’s his privileged upbringing. Maybe he just seems too perfect. Or maybe all it is is that men are jealous of his steely good looks and the attention it attracts from women, probably sometimes their women.

Anyway, what you need to know is that Scott is a tall, handsome, fit golfer with a swing that looks like it took lessons at the Tiger Woods Academy.

Scott’s opponent? Angel Cabrera of Cordoba, Argentina.

Cabrera was a heavy smoker until he quit a few years ago. He has a beer belly that you could actually rest a beer on, ala Homer Simpson. He’s been playing in majors since 1997 and still needs an interpreter for post-round interviews. His father was a handyman, his mother was a maid, he dropped out of school at age 10 and spent some of his teenage years as a street fighter, whatever that means.

Anyway, what you need to know is that Cabrera could stand to lose a few pounds, could benefit from some ESL classes, doesn’t really look like a golfer and his swing has “self-taught” written all over it.

With the exception of Tiger Woods being in this playoff, the Masters probably couldn’t have scripted this one any better. If we’re going with sheer perception here, Scott is the perfection to Cabrera’s imperfection.

With the sun threatening to set at any given moment, the playoff lasted two edge-of-your-seat holes with some stellar golf played by both competitors with the green jacket on the line.

But the fireworks began well before the playoff. Scott went absolutely nuts on the 18th green in regulation when he drained a 25-footer for birdie and the clubhouse lead. You’d think he had won the Masters. Actually, everybody but Cabrera probably thought he had won the Masters.

But never rule out a street fighter. Cabrera calmly and quickly (like all of his shots) knocked his second to three feet and made the gimmie to quickly bring Scott back to reality.

Oh crap, mate. We gotta play more golf.

It was one of the most electrifying ten minutes that golf has ever seen. But there was more to come. With the rain pouring down, both players impressively striped it down the 18th fairway and proceeded to make pars. At this point, lack of sun was quickly becoming an issue. Both players hit the 10th fairway. Cabrera very nearly sunk his birdie putt, leaving the stage to Scott.

Australia was wide awake at this point. Scott had a putt to become the first Australian to don the green jacket. With memories of Greg Norman coming so excruciatingly close to winning the Masters, you can bet your arse that Australia was paying attention. You know what happened next. Scott drained the putt, lifted his arms in glory and got Australia the career grand slam in golf.  I can’t wait for next year.



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2 responses to “The Aussie vs. The Street Fighter

  1. Joan Mc Callum

    Jamie, really good. I watched it too. You capture the intense feelings so well. Easily one of my most exciting golf plays ever, and you bring it back, to me, in all its glory. I am right there again. Thank you.

  2. Nancy

    Yeah I agreed it is one of the most exciting playoffs. it is nice to watch a showdown of two golfers with distinctly different backgrounds.

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