So close, yet so far

In terms of wins and losses, the results haven’t been all that surprising.

Five games into the NBA Finals, the San Antonio Spurs lead the Miami Heat 3-2. The two teams will bring their talents back to South Beach on Tuesday evening for a do-or-die Game 6 for Miami. This thing has a great chance of going seven.

What has been shocking however, are the point differentials in all but one game so far in the 2013 Finals.

Everybody expected this to be a close series between two teams laden with future Hall-of-Famers. But nobody expected that four of the first five games would be essentially decided after three quarters.

After the Tony Parker circus shot earned the Spurs a slim victory in Game 1, Twitter blew up with calls for “six more of those.” Everybody wanted it and most people, myself included, believed we’d get it. Six more chances to see these teams show off their clutch gene, or lack thereof.

Instead, the casual fan likely hasn’t even bothered to tune into the final quarters of games two to five. And that’s a shame.

Let’s recap:

  •     Game 2: Miami by 19
  •     Game 3: San Antonio by 36
  •     Game 4: Miami by 16
  •     Game 5: San Antonio by 10

This is a great matchup. The old guard vs. the new. Slow and steady vs. flair and pizzaz. Consistency and familiarity vs. the stockpiling of talent and instant gratification. The newspaper vs. the iPad.

People were genuinely amped up for this Finals. And while the score in games indicates a close race, the scores within those games don’t.

I’m sure that many people, Spurs and Heat fans alike, want a close Game 6 and, if necessary, a Game 7 that comes down to the wire. Let’s see these teams have to perform in the fourth quarter and not just the first three. Let’s see the fourth quarter be more than a formality. No matter which team you’re rooting for, you can’t help but root for that.


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