The Globe and Mail

Teaser on first page of the Life section for CrossFit article

Feature article on CrossFit


Lifestyle Magazine

Three-page spread about Arcade Fire

Three-page spread about filmmaker Guy Maddin

Three-page spread about Montreal in Barney’s Version

Two-page spread about Canadian tennis player and rising star Milos Raonic

Two-page spread about spring foods

A four-page pictorial about some of the most beautiful golf courses around the world

PR piece for a garden centre based out of Alberta

PR piece for a landscape design firm based out of Toronto

PR piece for a landscaping company based out of Vancouver

PR piece for two home theatre installation companies based out of Vancouver


The Montreal Gazette 

Feature article about a Montreal-area golf course that never closes

Feature profile on a passionate Netherlands supporter during the World Cup

News article about a malfunctioning roller coaster at La Ronde

News article about racial profiling in Montreal

News article about angry St. Lambert citizens


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